Thursday, June 19, 2008

What is this?

Okay, so this blog is where I am going to dump random stuff that I have written or made. It is like a weird retroactive blog. My real blog, Bac-Log!, will continue to reflect the new and exciting, while this blog will reflect all levels of old and irrelevant. My primary reason for this is to get stuff off my computer at work, which has become a time capsule of sorts for all kinds of weird stuff. Also, I will be able to link to various things here if I am trying to explain something that requires a lush and detailed backstory.

I actually made this blog almost a year ago, but it was a complete failure. You may think of it as a proto-Bac-Log! if that helps (riiiight). But I really like the title, so I decided to hijack it and bend it to my new purpose.

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